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Setting up an employee recognition program in the new normal

It is not easy to take employee recognition strategies fully online, but we do not have much of a choice during these

Cloud-based Video Collaboration has Never Been More SECURE!

Secured meetings online allows the host to take complete charge with no data is stored on the cloud, everyone gets a

Proven Tips to Manage a Large Meeting Online

Savvy organizations are devoting 20% of their meeting room budgets towards collaborative technologies as companies

Acing Remote Work: Proven Productivity Hacks – Part 3

While the full impact of the COVID-19 crisis on life and work is still unfolding, make the best of what you can control

Acing Remote Work: Proven Productivity Hacks – Part 2

From cabin fever to distractions - kids, family, chores, TV, etc. – the list of WFH (Work-from-Home) issues runs long |

Acing Remote Work: Proven Productivity Hacks – Part 1

The list of Work-from-Home distractions runs long. Yet it’s important to stay productive & sane! Here are proven tips

Want to Reduce Complexity and Costs? P-Link It!

Is your audiovisual system outgrowing your DSP? Build unified audio conferencing systems faster and easier with P-Link