Where are we headed with the new normal? -PART I

ClearOne Solutions for professional home officeCustomer Trends from 2021


Before COVID-19, remote/hybrid work was slowly becoming increasingly popular. However, the pandemic fast-tracked this working style, and thus, high-quality collaboration technology has become necessary for work-from-home spaces.


In the past, employees have used basic equipment to conference with their coworkers and clients, which was often as simple as a laptop and mouse. But now that remote and hybrid working environments are here to stay, employees need to ensure that their remote working spaces are equipped with high-grade collaboration technology to ensure that they can hear and be heard in conferences just as well as if they were in an office.


Additionally, organizations began to rethink and retool their collaboration strategies to bridge gaps between remote and in-office teams. For example, now that employees are starting to return to in-person workspaces, companies need top-tier conferencing technology in all meeting rooms to ensure seamless collaboration between in-office workers and clients/coworkers working remotely.


In part II we'll address the top challenges facing end customers in 2022.  

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