Can A Conference Room Be Intelligent?

Can a conference room truly be “intelligent,” to accommodate your connection, communication, and collaboration needs? Does such a conference room actually exist? A conference room has to accommodate people at different levels, different skill sets, with different types of connection and communication needs – it could be a local connection point to locally present from your own device, or to bridge someone at a remote location for audio/video conferencing. The life of a conference room is always busy…it must be set up efficiently to accommodate a variety of user needs. This new conference room model has become known in the industry as the “all-in-one conference room”.

As an AV Integrator, what does it take to cover all these possibly functions of the all-in-one conference room? You may want to ask yourself the following questions: 

In-Room Local Meetings
One of the major applications of these all-in-one conference rooms is local, in-room presentations and sharing. Wired connections are a thing of the past, legacy systems which also have the challenges of different formats, types of connectors, etc. Wireless collaboration technology has taken over the way participants share and collaborate information. 

  • Does your conference room support cross-platform Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices for presentation?
    • Can multiple users share and collaborate information simultaneously? 4-6 simultaneous participant connectivity is common.
    • Do you need white boarding / annotation functions?
    • Is your conference room content secured? Can it generate a dynamic PIN for your session?
    • Can your conference room capture the content from this meeting? Does this capture include audio, video camera and data for future use?
    • Can your room stream this content live and/or on-demand? 

Audio Conferencing
Audio calls are still a favored method of communication, to join a webinar or to connect with someone who does not have a video-enabled device. 

  • Do you have a professional audio system to handle modern room acoustic challenges?
  • Is it designed to cover participants who stand/sit away from the conference room table?
  • Does it support PSTN and/or VOIP Connectivity? 

Web Conference
Can this all-in-one conference room host a web conference? Times have changed. Web conferencing is now much more productive with video and media collaboration, rather than simply being an audio call. The true advantage of web conferencing is its ability to accommodate a large number of participants.

  • Does your room support simple plug-and-play connectivity from your laptop to host a conference?
  • Does your cloud application support cross-platform BYOD?
  • Do you have a professional camera and professional audio support to deliver your message loud and clear? 

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing adoption has grown immensely in recent years and it will continue to do so. All of us are aware of the benefits of video conferencing.

  • Your room must be capable of interoperating with other manufacturer’s solutions. • H.323/SIP and H.460 support is required to ensure a smooth connectivity to legacy systems.
  • Modern-age conference rooms require recording and archiving of conferences for future use.
  • Streaming of conferences is often required for overflow rooms.
  • Conference rooms must be equipped with multi-party capability to connect multiple locations at the same time. 

ClearOne COLLABORATE® Pro 900 offers a complete media collaboration solution to meet today’s diverse organizational demands for conferencing, collaboration, and communication. 

Its versatile design makes it ideal for multiple applications including videoconferencing, professional audio conferencing, wireless presentations and collaborations, training, corporate announcements, etc.

Key Highlight

  • Brings traditional SIP/H.323 videoconferencing and cloud video collaboration into a single appliance for multi-site collaboration with up to 25 sites.
    • Award-winning Beamforming Microphone Array and market-leading CONVERGE® Pro DSP mixer for best-in-class professional audio.
    • Perfect for both single-site and multi-site interactive collaboration.
    • Multi-purpose solution for multiple applications – videoconferencing, professional audio conferencing, wireless presentation and collaboration, capture and recording station, streaming and distribution.
    • Multi-source collaboration with simultaneous capture of up to 4 video input sources.
    • Single point of support and maintenance for your complete collaboration and conferencing needs.

Interested in learning more about the COLLABORATE® Pro 900 conference room solution, contact us today and let's chat.

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