2-Channel Mic Solution Delivers Big in Small Spaces

DIALOG 20 comes pre-integrated with native connectivity for power, audio, and control data with ClearOne’s audio DSP mixers.  When it comes to relationships, they say two’s company and three’s a crowd, but have you considered that the same idea can also apply to your wireless microphone system? If you’re trying to outfit a small conference room where you only need one or two wireless mics, choosing a system with lots of mic channels only adds expense. So, what is the best solution to meet your need and your budget? Keep reading to find out. 

Why 2-Channel Communication Is the Answer

For a small meeting space or a presentation room where one person needs to field audience questions, a 2-channel wireless microphone system is the optimal solution. A 2-channel wireless microphone system gives you the option for more than one person to be mic’d, or a wireless mic can be used by the presenter and beamforming mics can be used for the rest of the room. Sure, you can use a wireless microphone system that includes up to 32 channels, but if you aren’t using those channels, that additional functionality—and expensive—is wasted.

For smaller rooms where two channels of wireless mic capability is all you require, ClearOne’s DIALOG® 20, ClearOne's 2-channel wireless microphone solution, provides all the functionality you need in a cost-effective way. For starters, the DIALOG 20 can connect to existing analog audio consoles to add two channels of wireless microphones to a conference room easily. Any of four types of microphone transmitters route audio for each channel to a small receiver that can be mounted on a wall, or the ceiling. The DIALOG 20 uses 2.4GHz frequency, so it’s important to keep the receiver in the line of sight of the transmitters. The receiver then connects to a ClearOne mixer (CONVERGE® Pro 2, CONVERGE Pro, INTERACT Pro, INTERACT AT) or any third-party pro audio mixer. The mixer then connects to your speakers, allowing your audience to easily hear the presenters.

For medium size rooms, the DIALOG 20 can be partnered with the ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP mixer and ClearOne Beamforming Mic Array 2. This set up allows the instructor to use one or two audio channels using any of the four transmitter types and for the students to use one audio channel as their audio will be picked up by the Beamforming Mic Array 2. For larger rooms and projects—such as a space that requires four to thirty-two microphone channels instead of just two—the WS800 wireless microphone solution is a better fit.

Other features of the DIALOG 20 include:

  • Gooseneck, boundary, handheld, or belt pack transmitter options
  • Docking station that charges all four kinds of transmitters
  • Plenum-rated receiver with multiple mounting options including on a wall, or ceiling, as well as above the ceiling
  • 128-bit AES Encryption and adaptive frequency hopping for a secure and reliable microphone signal
  • Native connectivity for power, audio, and control data with ClearOne’s audio DSP mixers, as well as compatibility with other professional systems

Learn More about DIALOG 20 Today

Does the DIALOG 20 sound like the wireless microphone solution your spaces have been waiting for? Check out this video to see the DIALOG 20 in action. Then get in touch with a ClearOne audio expert to learn how the DIALOG 20 can meet your 2-channel microphone needs.
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