The ClearOne Philosophy - Customer Satisfaction

Today’s society is always on the move.  People expect, react, and plan everything on-demand. In recent years we have watched phones, tablets, laptops, and wearables get smaller, faster, and more abundant.  We are no longer a society wishing to access our online conferences, web videos and other information thru a terminal in a small, cramped cubicle. Today, we want to use our smartphones, tablets, and laptops to communicate and interact. We want to send and receive emails, edit documents, take care of finances, and take pictures of our cute children.




And who is going to provide it for us? Answer our tech questions? Fix our glitches in apps, software, hardware, and coding? That fortitude of customer reassurance, customer service, and support, will set the bar in the industry for competition. Viewing things from both sides of the fence (integration and manufacturing), and assuming all things equal, most companies sell the same goods and/or services, be it ice cream, a DSP, a microphone, or a car. And most end-users make buying decisions on more than just name and price; but more so on support, reliability, and reputation.


Integrators must align themselves with companies who take pride in their products and the projects in which they are installed - companies who have outstanding technical departments and helpful pre- and post-sales support. Personally, I would continue to buy from a company I respected and who took care of my needs in time of crisis. It’s all about the customer experience, and the responsibility that regional representatives take on behalf of the manufacturer.


More so than ever it is important for tech companies to stay in front of the curve: staying aware of current trends and technologies; creating interoperability between their product lines and others devices; and providing not only reliable products, but the ultimate customer experience. Client  interaction with your products is not limited just to day-to-day activity; but more so their interactions with your company’s representatives when calling for support. The people behind the products can many times be more important than the products themselves.


If you think about some of the biggest companies in the world, they all have something in common- an outstanding user experience: Disney World (the most magical place on earth), where people of all ages flock to be a kid again; Chick Fil A (Clean, Friendly, Smiling Faces), service with smile in a clean, safe facility; or Toyota (with their “every car deserves a happy owner” mentality), making sure everyone leaves satisfied with at least the quality of service if not the equipment itself.


Clients of all types demand a certain level of attention. The new landscape of social media calls attention to every aspect of customer’s lives– and your name and reputation can be cheered or smeared across the world in the blink of an eye. Opinions today are swayed in a matter of moments; relationships can be broken down within one phone call, email, or social media post; proving that customer service is just as important, if not more so than the products and services a company offers. YOUR PRODUCTS ARE TRULY ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE STANDING BEHIND THEM.


At ClearOne, we are focused on customer support and the need to develop long-term relationships with our partners by standing behind our products. Contact us today and give us the chance to show you how we go the extra mile.






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