New ClearOne Collaboration Tool Supports Virtual Project Workspaces

collaboration_for_teams-585538-edited-715852-editedThe traditional workplace hierarchy, where individuals were assigned to specific functions, is rapidly fading. Today’s workplace is made up of dynamic teams, each organized around a specific goal or project. The number of teams in the workplace has doubled over the past five years and, according to Deloitte, only 38 percent of all companies are functionally organized today. However, today’s workplace solutions have not kept up. Most collaboration tools are still organized around meetings, not teams and projects.  That means that documents, minutes and recordings created in a meeting about a specific project end up in one place, while all the other documents, emails, and instant messages not created in that meeting but related to that same project end up somewhere else. 

Creating a Centralized, Searchable Project Workspace
Think of all the ways you communicate and collaborate with your team members on a specific project. They probably include: 

  • Emails
  • Instant messages and chats
  • Video conferences
  • Face-to-face-meetings
  • Whiteboarding and annotation
  • Meeting minutes
  • Document and screen sharing
  • Real-time document editing and co-authoring 

Now imagine if you could keep those conversations going no matter where you were and no matter what device you were using. Team collaboration tools, like our new product COLLABORATE® Space, are the next step in the evolution of unified communications. They let you both perform and store all your project-related content in the same place, and help you move your collaboration beyond just messaging your team members back and forth. 

COLLABORATE Space brings the messaging and document storage functionality of solutions like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and combines it with best-in-class cloud-based audio and video conferencing to give you a complete team collaboration app. So instead of leaving your collaboration space to launch an audio or video call—for example, leaving your Slack channel to launch a video meeting through a third-party—you can move seamlessly from chat to document sharing to video conference all within the same project space. And since it all happens in the same place, it’s all recorded in the same place meaning everything related to a single project—from notes to documents to meetings to video recordings—is centralized, easy to find, and easy to search. 

A Collaboration Solution with All the Answers
COLLABORATE Space makes team collaboration more productive and easier, and that makes it an obvious choice for users and IT managers as well. Additional features include: 

  • Real-time and non-real-time communication. Use chat for real-time conversations or leave messages that team members can read and respond to later.
  • On-premise and on-cloud hosting. Choose to deploy COLLABORATE Space on-premise or access through the cloud from any device, anywhere.
  • Public/private channels. Create public or private workspaces for your teams or projects where you can store all the data related to that project, including associated meetings.
  • Application Programming Interface. Potential to integrate with third-party apps. 

Helping teams connect and collaborate has never been so seamless and easy. Sign up for our press releases to be the first to know more. Then be the first to see COLLABORATE Space at InfoComm Booth N1628.

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